I totally believe you can find the best steaks in the world in Texas ... I'm not certain these are the best two places though.

Forbes magazine just ranked the world's 101 best steakhouses and 2 of them are in Texas. I can't really disagree with them because, to be honest, I've never been to these places.

Earning the title of "best" steakhouse... whether in the world, Texas or just El Paso ... is a lofty goal, and the place I'd give that honor to didn't make the Forbes list at all.

"Best" is an opinion, everybody has one and nobody is really wrong. It's fun to debate these things though, so first, let's see which Texas restaurants made the Forbes list.

Which 2 Texas Restaurants Were Named Best In The World?

The number 25 steak can be found in Austin at Jeffrey's:

Jeffrey's restaurant in Austin stands as a beacon of fine dining, offering an exquisite blend of ambiance, service, and culinary excellence. - forbes

Number 52 on Forbes top 101 is in Dallas at Knife:

Knife in Dallas is a cutting-edge steakhouse that redefines the traditional American steakhouse experience with its innovative approach to cuisine and modern, sleek design. - forbes 

Where Does Dubba G Think The World's Best Steak Is?

I haven't been to any place on the Forbes list so I won't say anything bad. I've been to a zillion steakhouses all over the US and throughout Mexico though and I've found some pretty good ones. The best of the best though, to me, is here in the 915.

Cattleman's at Indian Cliffs Ranch is the absolute shizzle. The steaks are huge, beyond delicious, and the restaurant sits right on the line between upscale and casual.

On top of that, you can wander around a mini zoo, take a hay ride, visit a movie set, chill by a lake, and explore a maze in a vast, beautiful desert setting. Honestly, you need half a day, minimum, to fully experience it.

Let's see those hoity-toity Forbe's joints top that ...

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