You can relive your punk rock days at the Rockhouse Bar and Grill tonight. The 90's band you enjoyed rocking out to, Authority Zero will be performing. The last time I got to see Authority Zero in El Paso was at the Texas Tattoo Showdown in 2012. Well lucky for you AZ fans they're back in the Sun City to perform on the Eastside of town. If you would like to know where to catch the show, you can see them at the Rockhouse Bar and Grill.

Now a lot has changed for the band in the last 20 years since the landscape has changed in the music scene. But something that always remained the same was their love for their fans. Hence, why they released an album late last year in 2018 and kicked off their tour. So if you've always remained a loyal fan to Authority Zero you can hear them again at the Rockhouse Bar and Grill at 7 pm.

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