In the world of the industrial metal, one of the longest running bands is Fear Factory out of Los Angeles. Formed in 1989, their career spans for over 3 decades & as they get ready for their 2023, one musician from El Pasoan will not only play their show on October 9th, he has the pleasure of joining Fear Factory ON tour with them.

Who's the El Paso musician who will be joining Fear Factory on tour?

While on the phone recording an interview with co-founder Dino Cazares, we talked about their past experiences in El Paso & how excited he is to be coming back to play the Rockhouse on October 9th.

When talking about the local talent who will be playing the show, Dino informed me that one of the musicians will be doing double duty for that concert. Meaning not only will he play with his band but he will also play bass for Fear Factory.

And who is that mystery man? Well if you've been in El Paso, you've heard the name Scattered Storm before. The name dropped during our interview was Javier Arriaga, aka the drummer for Scattered Storm.

El Paso's Javier Arriaga has done plenty of work for Fear Factory in the past

He was chosen to be the drum & guitar tech for Fear Factory & now he'll get to do part time bass duty while Tony Campos is currently on tour with Static-X. Tony WILL rejoin the band later on Fear Factory's European leg of the tour.

And how does Javier feel? Is he nervous? Hell no! As he posted on his Facebook, he was quoted by saying:

"Today we practiced and it felt like a f***ing dream. Someone pinch me please. Maybe not. I don’t want to wake up."

So next time you see Scattered Storm play, just now that Javi...he's gotten to play with some metal legends in the past. The other bands performing with Fear Factory on the 9th at the Rockhouse are Lions at the Gate, Overt Enemy, Steellake & Semper Acerbus.

You'll hear part of my interview with Dino Cazares on Sunday's Q Connected at 6pm.

You can see the entire lineup of tour dates for Fear Factory on their website & you can get tickets for their El Paso show here.

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