When people come to El Paso, there are many things to engage in, so many places that shows El Paso's culture & history in a clear light. And of those people came to El Paso this past week; The best-selling author Daniel Seddiqui.

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If you're unfamilar with Daniel's work, he was the man who created Living the Map & wrote the best-selling books "Going the Extra Mile" & "50 Jobs in 50 States".

Daniel is currently working on writing a new book called "A Piece Of Your City", where he travels to 50 major cities & he learns and appreciates a particular craft & skill. He actually made a few stops in the state of Texas: songwriting in Austin, took part in astronaut training in Houston, made a Stetson hat in Dallas & cut up tissue into papel picado in San Antonio. He also made a stop here in El Paso: the art of making a leather cowboy boot.

Wall of cowboy boots in a country western store

Cowboys boots have become a staple in El Paso's image & because of the amount of boots both worn & made here, El Paso has been officially named "The Boot Capital In the World". So you know El Paso has a LOT of boot shops in town: Tomy Lama, Caboots, J.B. Hill, Mingo Boots, etc so Daniel had a lot of different places to choose from.

He made a stop at downtown's Rocketbuster Boots & he documented his visit on his website. He talked about the process on what it was like to craft a boot, he finally got to see the Border up close, & he marveled at the "fantastic/fascinating" views of Scenic Drive.

Daniel also made a visit to Albuquerque New Mexico the day BEFORE he got to El Paso where he painted a balloon with a Pueblo artist.

It's always fascinating on seeing people's reactions when they visit El Paso for the very first time. His book is expected to come out in March so if you stumble upon Daniel's new book, keep an eye out for what else he says about El Paso.

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