It has always amazed me how people will actually travel just to purchase pairs of boots in El Paso. But when you hear stories about the quality of the boots from people about how long they've lasted then you would understand. But there are people who don't know the low-down about boots that are made in El Paso, Texas.

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The work that is put into boots that are made in El Paso is made with a heart of passion and love. This traditional craftsmanship had finally been recognized by Only In El Paso KCOS in 2016.

You can hear from different workers from DeLeon and Lucchese about how their boots are 100% handmade. Just check out the YouTube video from Only In El Paso KCOS which had shared back in 2016 above.

Plus another awesome business that sells their handmade custom artistic made boots to Hollywood customers is Rocketbuster's. Clearly, Arnold Schwarzenegger appreciates the hard work and passion that goes into his personally made boots from El Paso. We all remember that time Arnold Schwarzenegger had visited El Paso, Texas many years ago.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had hit up Lucchese Boots which he was totally stoked about seeing hundreds of workers creating what he loves to collect. Just check out some of his boot collection he was cleaning with his daughter Christina directly below.

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