The Famous Pancho Villa Stash House in Downtown will soon be home to a "must visit" restaurant/bar. For quite a while now we've been hearing that the the stash house will be renovated and that it would be home to this new hot spot for tourists, and now, we're learning a little bit more about it.

City Representative Isabel Salcido took to her social media to give us a little bit of an update on the renovation, which includes turning the El Paso Coffin House being turned into a bed and breakfast.

It's all thanks to Enrique Guajardo, a historic preservationist from Juárez who has three restoration projects underway in Downtown’s Union Plaza. Check out Rep. Salcido's post below.

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The famous Pancho Villa Stash House has a very interesting history; located at 331 Leon Street, was used by Pancho Villa and his brother Hipolito during the Mexican Revolution between 1910-1920. It was raided in 1915, and Customs officials found half a million dollars in American currency and gold coins, as well as $30,000 in jewelry in a safe. Everything was confiscated by the U.S. government, but when ownership was established, it was returned to the Villa family.

The Coffin House, located on West Overland, is said to be one of the oldest, and first, wooden building in the city- and the oldest still standing. According to this Borderzine article, the owner, Cameron O. Coffin, made soda bottles, and dozens are still in the ground below the property.

No word on when these hot spots will be open for the public to enjoy, but it Rep. Salcido promises that these renovations will soon "become new hubs for economic development and tourism" and it's all thanks to Mr. Guajardo. I know that I can't wait to take a step inside this piece of iconic El Paso history.

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