The world's largest pair of boots are in Texas, of course, and they were made by a Texan ... of course.

The man who created these monster boots is not only a Texan, he's an El Pasoan, (pardon the pun), to boot. The boots however, weren't always in Texas. They actually  came from Washington, D.C.

3 blocks from the White House to be exact.

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Here's how that happened.

Bob “Daddy-O” Wade is a BIG thinker and his art projects reflect that. He once created a 40 foot long iguana. (You can see "Iggy" here) Iggy was brought to the attention of an organization called the Washington Project of the Arts.

They wanted something to be placed near the White House but the designated area was oddly shaped. According to Bob:

“The way this lot was configured, it had this tall building right next to one side and another building, so it was like a niche,” recalls Wade of the site in Washington D.C. “The best thing that could go in that niche that would fill it horizontally and vertically and hold the scale would be a giant pair of cowboy boots.” - Texas Standard

Voila, a giant pair of boots was born.

The World's Biggest Boots Are In Texas

The boots were moved to San Antonio in 1979, via 3 semi's and a TON of back roads. The boots were too high for the trucks and hit an overpass at one point. They were also to wide for the trailers AND too long so the drivers had to stay off major roadways to avoid the cops.

They were always referred to as the biggest boots in the world and that claim was made official in the 2016 Guinness Book Of World Records


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