If you're going to rock your cowboy boots in Texas, there are a few things you should know to avoid looking like a tourist.

Nothing says Texas more than a good old fashioned pair of cowboy boots. Except maybe cowboy hats which, by the way, come with their own set of rules.

If you missed the cowboy hat rules, you can read 'em here. When it comes to cowboy boots, life is simpler.

They're are really just a couple of do's and dont's in the cowboy boot universe. You should maintain them and keep them clean of course.

Even when they're rough and scuffed though, they still look cool. My boots, cowboy and biker, look like they've been through hell but I still get compliments on them.

First, make sure you buy good quality boots. The cheapies at Walmart or the local outlet mall may go easy on your wallet but you'll pay later. Sore feet, soles coming off, easily torn, etc ... just a few strikes against the fakes.

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In El Paso, it's easy to get high quality boots and still save $$ as we have so many great local boot makers. Some are absolute legends and, relatively speaking, they're all pretty affordable. Even the big dogs.

Once you get some god ones, wear the hell out of 'em. Don't let anyone tell you they're not appropriate. Even in a tuxedo, you can still rock 'em ... they just work. Everywhere.

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Ok, full on formal occasions are a maybe. Sports, if actively playing, (and excluding rodeo), I'd have to vote no on. Boots and running don't really suit each other ...

Boots with shorts? For men, that's a hard no ... for ladies, absolutely. There's not a man alive that doesn't find cowboy boots paired with shorts or skirts sexy.

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There are many misconceptions about wearing cowboy boots like, "they have to match the rest of your outfit" or "you have to tuck your jeans inside them".  No to both.

Again, cowboy boots work with 95% of your outfits. The other 5 are a matter of opinion ... I've worn mine to weddings, funerals and everything in between.

Jeans/pants matter ... be sure the legs go OVER the boot.

Skinny jeans are out as you'll have to tuck them in and there are rules for that. (See below.) Unless you're in a rockabilly band, or female, buy boot cut jeans.

As for tucking them in, if you're working in the muck of a horse stall or rodeo arena, ok; tuck 'em in to keep your jeans out of the shizzle.

Some motorcycle chains have been known to grab jeans and puddles can be messy so, bikers get a pass.

Otherwise, as my uncle used to say, "tuckers" look like "dumb MF'ers".

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