I was a judge at the Speaking Rock battle of the bands (most of 'em anyway) and I can tell you, the competition was fierce!

Bands from all different genres took each other on for a shot at $10 grand and future gigs at Speaking Rock. Last night, Cordova defeated El Paso's Fixed Idea for the big win. I congratulated them on facebook and asked them how they felt. They replied:

We are humbled by the entire experience. To be honest, we didn't think a band from outside EP stood much of a chance, we just hoped to get our foot in the door with the folks at Speaking Rock. All's well that ends well, though. Glad to represent some original rock n roll.

Counting money won the two times they advanced to get into the final round, the band wound up with $11K overall! Visit the Cordova website to learn more about the band and listen for "Alice" Sunday night on KLAQ during Q Connected!