Cost of living keeps going up in Texas- but is your paycheck going up with it? As a Millennial, I've been told that my generation is financially doomed. It can certainly feel that way sometimes!

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If you find yourself constantly trying to figure out just how much you need to make it- especially in Texas, well, never fear! I got the information you need, all thanks to MIT's Living Wage Calculator.

There's a bunch of data and numbers were crunched, but ultimately, MIT's Living Wage Calculator and SmartAsset determined the amount you need to live comfortably in Texas as a single person.

The study found that the most affordable cities were found in the south and Midwest, and luckily for us in the Lone Star state, four Texas cities landed in the top five.

Here is what they found, and how much a single Texan needs to live "comfortably":

As an El Pasoan, I'm extremely happy to find that we made it to the top five. From what I've heard from out-of-towners, El Paso is a pretty affordable place to live.

Obviously- if you have children then your salary would need to be increased, and the MIT Living Wage Calculator also provides a look into how much you need to make to live comfortably with children.

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If you're like me, then you know that sometimes the struggle is real! Sometimes you have to dig into your jars of change or your smash your piggy banks just to make ends meet! But if you're looking for comfortable living- then maybe check the top four affordable cities Texas!

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