Texas loves its H-E-B. And, H-E-B loves Texas right back!

While I live in El Paso and have yet to experience the magic that is H-E-B, I can browse on their website and dream of the day that I'll finally be able to purchase my very own tortilla-scented candle!


While perusing through their website of magical items, I noticed a trend; H-E-B has a lot of Texas shaped items!

Now this isn't a concept that is foreign to me; I've stayed at many a hotel where the continental breakfast consisted of a make-your-own-waffle bar that featured TEXAS-SHAPED WAFFLES! Amazing, right?

What I had never heard of before were Texas shaped chicken nuggets- and actually, a whole plethora of Texas-shaped items- which you can find at H-E-B. Here are 15 incredible Texas-shaped items that you'll want to add to your cart immediately!

15 Incredible Texas-Shaped Items You Can Get at H-E-B

From cast irons to sticky notes, you'll want to add these Texas-shaped items to your cart at H-E-B immediately!

Gallery Credit: H-E-B

It's not surprising at the amount of Texas-shaped items H-E-B has, they are, after all, the number one grocery store in the entire lone star state!

These are great- for those who actually have an H-E-B in their town! As I mentioned before, El Paso doesn't have ONE!

According to HEB themselves, there are over 400 H-E-B's across Texas and Mexico; and that doesn't sound right! You're telling me that there are over 400 HEB's and not a single one is in El Paso?! El Pasoans are yearning- they're pleading to the HEB Gods that one day we may also be able to rejoice in their heavenly goodness. Also, I really want that Texas-shaped bird bath, it would look great in my yard!

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