What an honor! Hotels.com compiled a list of the 12 best nude beaches in the country and- what a surprise- Texas came in with two of the best ones!

I know what you might be thinking; first of all- Texas has beaches? And second of all, some are nude beaches?! Yes, all true!

In total, Texas actually has six nude beaches! And while Texas does consider nudity a criminal offense, these nude beaches are perfectly legal because they advise visitors they are entering a nude beach, and that there will be naked people walking around- so there's no surprises for anyone!

Nude Beach Sign

So which two Texas nude beaches made the list? It should come as no surprise that these beaches actually have some very unique names!

Austin's infamous Hippie Hollow ranked No. 10 for best nude beach in the nation, according to Hotels.com. Hippie Hollow is the only clothing-optional park in Texas. You must be 18 years or older to enter and they do state that while nudity is acceptable, lewd behavior is not!

Blonde woman with sandy hair

Coming in at number 12 is UFO Beach! The beach gets its name after an emergency evacuation pod that washed up on shore and now proudly has “nude beach” plastered on it. Located on the shores of South Padre Island.

The strange part about UFO Beach isn't the name, it's the fact that it isn’t legally recognized as a nude beach! But nudity has been a common thing there for years that it's just accepted now.

Nude beaches in Texas
Yoann Boyer via Unsplash

You can find out about the other nudist beaches in Texas here, and to find out what other beaches made the Hotels.com list click here.

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