Cacique Foods is celebrating one year of business in Texas!

What is Cacique Foods?

Cacique Foods is a leading Hispanic food company in the United States, specializing in traditional Mexican-style cheeses, creams, and chorizos. Founded in 1973 by Gil de Cárdenas and his family, Cacique Foods has grown significantly over the decades, becoming one of the largest and most recognized Hispanic food brands in the country. We are a big fan of their cremas in my house!

Cacique Foods Celebrates 1 year in Texas
Cacique Foods via Facebook

The company's product line includes a variety of fresh and aged cheeses such as Queso Fresco, Queso Blanco, and Cotija, as well as Mexican-style creams like Crema Mexicana and Crema Salvadorena. Cacique also offers a range of chorizo products, both pork and beef, which are popular in many traditional Mexican dishes.

Cacique Foods Celebrates One Year in Texas
Cacique Foods via Facebook

Since it's opening, Cacique Foods has been headquartered in California, but after many studies and research, de Cárdenas decided to move his headquarters to somewhere more central- so that their products could be shipped to more east coast states; and now, de Cárdenas tells WFAA, he doesn't regret the move to North Texas at all!

Over the years, we've noticed a huge trend in companies making the move from other major cities into the lone star state; and it's great to hear that these companies are embracing the move!

Cacique Foods is known for its commitment to quality and authenticity, aiming to bring Hispanic flavors to kitchens across America. The company maintains a strong focus on using traditional recipes and high-quality ingredients. Over the years, Cacique has expanded its product offerings to include other items like yogurt smoothies, dips, and snacks, further diversifying its presence in the market.

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