I am so glad I was able to catch the beginning of the Presidential Debate on Tuesday evening. In my head, I was picturing the debate to go completely different than how it actually turned out. I thought the guys would remember to keep their cool and be civil but clearly, that wasn't manageable. While I was able to watch the first half of the debate it reminded me of fights I've had in the past. While Trump and Biden would try to over talk one another I just saw what my ex and I look like fighting. The beginning of the debate I was able to catch had me stressed out and worried. I couldn't help but think about a meme I had come across that describes what a lot of us are feeling. The meme had mentioned America shouldn't elect a President and needs to be single for a few years to find ourselves.

Well, once 10 pm rolled around my social media newsfeed had me filled with laughter. There were so many hilarious posts my friends were sharing about the debate. There was one particular meme that ALL of us related to once the debate had finished. The meme that I felt and had touched me was of the celebrity Ben Affleck having a smoke appearing stressed-out. Another meme I noticed that my friend shared was from the scene of Dumb and Dumber when the guys fight over a game of tag on the road. If you need to refresh your memory about the scene you can check it out that scene from MovieClips above. Watching the debate was almost exactly how the scene in the movie went down. But one thing for sure is we ALL felt for Chris Wallace that night.

There were a handful of memes that gave me a laugh that my friends shared. There was the Steve Harvey one, Ben Affleck having a smoke, the kid faces, the Dumb and Dumber tag scene, and Statler and Waldorf meme. But from all the Presidential Debate memes that have been floating around, which is your favorite? Place your vote in the poll below.

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