Everyone has enjoys watching a light show especially when it's in sync with your favorite song! We must give cheers and props to those people who actually take the time to set up music with their lights.

The instructions to set up your Christmas lights can be complicated for those of you who don't speak tech. If you would like some assistance on setting up your lights to music WikiHow will instruct you. It would be awesome if the house in Eastridge could sync up their lights to a different song each year. The best part about the lights is when AC/DC sings the title of the song. If you're a big fan of Christmas lights AND AC/DC then this is a must watch to rock you right into the Christmas spirit! Eric Benne will motivate you to be less bahumbug and more Clark Griswold.

The featured house above did a damn good job of pulling off "Thunderstruck" from AC/DC with their lights!