Happy National Tattoo Day! We all have those tattoos we regret, we love, and that has a story. I also have a tattoo design that I absolutely loved then but not so much now. A lot of people often ask if THAT tattoo is fake. The not so great tattoo I have is of the Roxy Quicksilver symbol with a hibiscus flower. I have been considering a change like getting that tattoo covered up with something else. If you're wondering why I got that is because I wore a lot of that brand back then.

But the other tattoo that I still treasure to this day reminds me of the past I have overcome. Many years ago I had gone through a rough relationship that scarred me pretty bad. I figured I would get a permanent scar that reminds me I can overcome anything. I explained some of my past to my tattoo artist who designed the most creative expression. It has a heart ripped in half being sewn back together with a purple ribbon that expresses I am a domestic violence survivor. Behind the heart, there are flowers with the quote "Inhale the future exhale the past." Whether your tattoos are bad or great show them off today on National Tattoo Day!