It's national tattoo day! National tattoo day is a great day to celebrate the ink on your skin and also to recognize the incredibly rich history and culture surrounding tattoos. From elaborate pieces to the smallest work of art, showing off your tattoo is something to be proud of.

Many people have tattoos, it's actually pretty rare when someone doesn't have a tattoo these days. I have small tattoos which to me is pretty funny because when I was younger, I always envisioned myself full of tattoos. Then I got older and realized that tattoos are FOREVER. I may have commitment issues, but that's a different story. Despite my tattoos being small, they were painful! Don't get me wrong, I have a pretty high pain tolerance, and it's not like I wasn't expecting pain, but I didn't listen when they told me that tattoos on the wrist hurt more. My tattoos probably took ten minutes to do at most, but it was a very painful ten minutes!

Most of us on the Morning Show have tattoos. Brandon has a pretty cool sleeve and Lisa has an adorable tattoo of Tubby. Buzz on the other hand, has no tattoos. It's not that surprising considering his upbringing. Buzz also mentioned today that he never was interested in tattoos but one of his favorite things to do is to purchase temporary tattoos. No, seriously, he LOVES to purchase temporary tattoos! He's gotten so many that at one point I wanted to turn him into Post Malone, face tattoos and all.

Well, I didn't get to turn Buzz into Post Malone but I did get to give him a neck tattoo that didn't quite turn out like we expected it to.

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