The best part of waking up is to a mimosa in your cup. Well, no, not really but they sure do have the best taste. Well, there is a local event coming up that will focus on mimosas.

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So if you're a fan of the fancy way of drinking orange juice, get ready to have some tasty fun. There are certain places around El Paso you enjoy visiting Sundays for brunch that serve mimosas. We know Crave, Block Table and Tap, D'Lox, and a few more are popular for their mimosas.

But luckily for you next month a part of your day can be solely dedicated to mimosas. On Saturday, July 17, there will be a Mimosa Festival in El Paso. You can just imagine all the different ways you can enjoy a mimosa that day.

If you've been curious what first class tastes like, then this festival will give you a taste of fancy. Mimosa Festival El Paso will be held at Ricky D's on Pebble Hills Boulevard. This event won't last for long since it kicks off at 11 am and wraps up at 3 pm.

This is a limited event so they are only selling 700 tickets. They also will have VIP tickets that get you a free shirt and 3 mimosas. People only 21 and over will be allowed into the event.

The Mimosa Festival El Paso will feature 8 mimosa bars you can try from once you're given access. This is your ticket to enjoying some cold tasty drinks while feeling fancy in El Paso. If you would like to purchase your tickets, just click here. Goodful shared some recipes for different types of mimosas you can try at home from the video below.

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