This snake lover chooses to get bitten by the world's deadliest snakes in order to help find a vaccine. He knows what risks he's taking by letting poisonous snakes inject their venomous juice into him.

Barcroft TV had a chance to take you behind the scenes with Tim Friede aka 'Venom Man' on his wild adventure. This dude tells you straight up how he can possibly die as if it doesn't phase him. His obsession with the snakes made him a divorced man because his wife at the time didn't approve. As you get further into the video, Tim will show you how his arm reacts to their bite. Barcroft TV will film Tim as he takes two bites from two venomous snakes and show you the aftermath. Watching Tim get his guilty pleasure on will make you cringe as you witness his insane journey.

This man who rather devote his time to snake bites over his family is a must watch.

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