A few seasons ago South Park had a running storyline that involved PC Principal, a wrap-around sunglass wearing ex-frat boy who held extreme positions on social justice issues. Randy Marsh started hanging around with the P.C. crowd because they threw raging keggers at their frat house and always ended up “smashing” with the women. This was their P.C. chant:

Inspired by the Social Justice Chant from South Park, here is our own chant promoting social distancing and policing the behavior of strangers.

Social Distance 1,2,3 (Flu! Flu!)
I want to be germ free (Flu! Flu!)
It’s just the way to be for me…and you. (Flu! Flu!)
Your crowding ways are through (Flu! Flu!)
I call Kung Flu on you! (Flu! Flu!)
We’ll fight until we beat this flu (Flu! Flu!)
We are outbreak police
Fighting this disease
Covid-19 can suck our ween ‘cause it’s germ-free for me…and you (Flu! Flu!)

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