Fans of South Park may remember the Mexican restaurant that Cartman and his friends go to for Kyle’s birthday.

Casa Bonita is a real restaurant in Denver and, yes, it has cliff divers and a spooky cave and mariachis just like in South Park. Actually, it HAD all those things. Casa Bonita has been closed since the early days of the Covid pandemic last year. But, intrepid fans of the kitschy landmark have made it their mission to SAVE Casa Bonita. On Saturday, they marched, held signs and raised money to keep their beloved eatery open. As of the last count, they’ve already raised of 50 thousand dollars.

For a restaurant to have such a devoted fan base, you’d think they must have really, really delicious food, right? Judging by some of the supporters comments it seems one of the things they all agree on is that the Casa Bonita food is not all that good.

In a single report by the Denver Fox affiliate, C.B. fans called the food, “not the best in the world” and “definitely not the best part” of the experience. This is from people willing to stand outside and raise money! So, if not the food, what do these devoted fans actually love about Casa Bonita?

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One woman said, “It’s the cliff-diving, the scary monkey and the cave that smells like feet”.

Here’s another report about people who don’t care if they food is good but love the stinky cave:

I’ve had Casa Bonita on my personal bucket list ever since that South Park episode aired. My Colorado dream vacation involves lunch at Casa Bonita, dinner at SoDoSoPa and then a nice, leisurely tour of Tegridy Farms. I just hope THOSE destination haven’t gone out of business too.


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