Some people have no game when it comes to playing with a balero. A balero is a wooden toy that has a cup-like figure attached to a stick with a string.

The whole point behind this difficult and stressful game is trying to get the stick into the hole of the wooden cup. I am definitely no professional at that game whatsoever and still have high hopes I can one day win that battle.

I remember a long time ago when I was a kid, I was so determined to kick butt at that game I practiced religiously.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to earn a score since I can't land the stick in the hole, there are some people who can play with the balero like a champion.

I remember my dad would show me that trick a lot when I was younger and he was pretty good at it too.

If you're the type to get mad when you don't win a game then this game isn't for you.

I remember watching a friend try so many attempts and get so frustrated on his last one he hit himself on the forehead.

In my opinion, I believe this game is the hardest game I have ever played still to this day.

If you have never played the balero, you do not know the struggle. Let me know how your skills are with the balero in the poll below.

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