Different people in the borderland have their own personal ways of cooking meals at home. If you grew up in a Hispanic household then you know mixing certain ingredients is a common thing. Now some of you may already know where I am going with this.

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For example, one night I had dinner at a friend's house and shocked her when I had mixed a couple of sides together. After she saw me mix my corn and white rice together she decided to give it a try herself.

Come to her surprise, after watching me she tried it and loved it and now mixes white rice with corn. Now I have seen most of my Hispanic friend's families follow the same cooking trait by mixing rice and corn.

But in another household other people actually, cook the white rice and corn separately instead of together. Even when they serve the food on the plate the white rice will be right beside the corn.

Not long ago I saw Annie's Adventures post a picture of her delicious meal which had the corn placed on top of the white rice. So this had me like a curious cat wondering how many other people in El Paso mix their corn and rice together.

I mean some enjoy eating fried rice which consists of other mixed veggies and more. But it trips me out how some people have gotten weirded out about mixing white rice and corn. But share your two cents on whether you mix rice and corn or not in the poll below.

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