And I'll bring you 40 minutes worth of it ... minimum ... commercial-free and non-stop every hour.

A recent study ... again ... finds that music is good for you. Like we didn't already know that, right??  This study though has figured out the optimum amount of time you should spend listening and it's just a little over an hour.  You can, of course, listen longer but 78 minutes will do the job.

You don't have to listen to all 78 minutes in one shot, in fact, the article recommends listening in increments of 14 to 17 minutes at a time. I'll bring you 40 minutes worth ... or more ... nonstop, every hour. Every day. (Healthwise, it'll practically make you immortal.) So, if you're rocking at work with The Q and the boss is a jerk, don't worry. You can turn it down a minute until the coast is clear without risking your health.

Note: If you do have one of "those" bosses, point this out to them and let them know they're endangering your physical and mental well being by keeping those sticks up their asses!

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