Whether it's the heat or, (as rumor has it), all the lithium in the water, El Paso is pretty laid back. There are ways to make us mad though!

Even the nicest, most level headed El Chucoan has a breaking point. Here 's how you can find that point, quickly:

  • Support NMSU. The legendary battle of I-10 rages on so, around here, either back the UTEP Miners or hush. (Note, it's the other way around in Las Cruces.)
  • Talk smack about Chicos Tacos. I don't care if they did change the cheese, the legendary El Paso eatery is still very much a sacred cow, err ... taco.
  • Tell us how hot it is here then, placate us with the fact that it's a "dry heat". We know it's hot and we know there's little humidity. STFU.
  • Suggest that El Paso could use some more road construction work. This will get you stuffed into an orange barrel almost immediately.
  • Bring up the Downtown sports arena. 50/50 odds this will upset the person you're talking to but, someone will light up over this. Sit back and watch the fun!

There you go, 5 ways to start s**t in El Paso. There are others, check out the comments for some more.

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