A Senator says El Pasoans did NOT vote for an arena.

According to elpasoheraldpost.com, a statement from State Senator Jose Rodriguez, read to City Council Tuesday morning, said:

People did not vote for an arena. They voted for a “multipurpose center” meant for performances and cultural events.

He added that he supported the new venue, and still does, but further support requires two things:

  • We need to know that these projects will enhance our community, which means respecting the people, places, and history that is so special and unique to El Paso.
  • We need to know that we are getting exactly what we asked for, that there was a process that was consistent, transparent, and inclusive every step of the way.

KVIA.com says residents may file a lawsuit against the city over this. Many worry construction will destroy historic and privately owned properties. A successful lawsuit could eliminate that worry.

Other sites are available, one of which was ruled out because of demands Southern Pacific Railroad made.  Demands they, apparently, never made.

This just keeps getting better...

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