Today marks 3 years that I visited the underground school bus located on the far Eastside of town. It was 2017 when my friend Karla and I ventured out to see what the fuss was all about. Luckily, the time frame me and my friend visited the underground school bus was perfect timing. When she and I drove out to the spot still had easy access. By easy access I mean the little entrance into the school bus below the ground had a ladder and a pole to enter and exit. My friend and I had the luxury of having it easy to get in and out of the underground school bus. Just last year I had gone back to visit the underground school bus site but couldn't get close to it. They had fenced in that particular area and so that no one could get near it.

Plus, there were some workers out there looking around the area that surrounds the underground school bus. Since they had the majority of that area blocked off no one could go near the underground school bus. The video above was taken today, July 9, 2017, to give those who were curious but didn't want to actually visit the spot. If you never had the chance to see down under you can get your fix above. I haven't been the only one scoping out the underground school bus. If you search on YouTube there are other locals who also explored the underground school bus. I am glad I had the chance to go inside the underground school bus before it was closed off. There are still some people who visit despite the section being closed off. But take it from me, nothing much to see than what you see in the video above.

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