An underground bus? In El Paso? AND it's haunted? Oh, hell yeah -- we're there.

Of course I didn't want to scope out the underground bus alone so I bribed my friend Karla to come with me.

Now, unfortunately, we can't give you solid directions to the underground bus. It's on private property, and we got an invitation to go check it out. So, legally speaking, we can't tell you, "Hey, go visit the underground bus!" It's not information that's ours to reveal. Sorry about that.

Thankfully we didn't have any paranormal sightings or sounds but it does have a foul smell. The urban legend is an older man would kidnap little girls that looked similar to his daughter. He would keep them hostage in the bus until the day one of the little girls escaped and set fire to the house.

We may never know the real whole truth but what we do know is that the underground bus DOES exist! And here's your chance to see it.

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