These cholos decided to take etiquette class with their personal trainer Mrs. Olson who shows them class. There's nothing greater than watching three guys step out of their norm and learn something new and out of their comfort zone.

It's funny to see right off the bat Fabian screws up his etiquette class by crossing the personal space rule. She then stated how someone made a comment how etiquette class is only for "rich white people" and of course the cholos also believe that statement. They then practice hands on by the handshake which is keeping your elbow at your side and giving two firm pumps. Throughout the video she kept making references about "getting a job" on what not to do. After, Mrs. Olson began to show the cholos the etiquette way of the right way to dine and what each silverware is used for.

The best part of it all is when the cholos showed Mrs. Olson their way of class with the fist tap!


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