Have you ever seen a picture that made you do a double take? These 22 pictures look like what you think you saw but are actually not what you think you saw. If that makes any sense.

Scott Rusher put a pile of pictures together (and 22 to be exact) that look dirty but they're not. It gives you a good amount of time for you to notice what makes the picture look dirty. There were quite a few pictures that took me longer than the time that was given. One picture that definitely looks dirty hands down is number 12. Picture number 8 will cause you to burst out in laughter once you spot the dirty. If you have a good eye, then you will be able to notice what's wrong with these 22 pictures. I can just imagine how the actual people in the photos reacted once they noticed what was wrong.

This is the main reason I like to see my surroundings before taking a picture!

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