If you want to gross out your guests at your Halloween party, these do it yourself treats are fast and easy! This young little lady will show you how to create some spooky snacks for your guests.

Kamri Noel gives you a variety of filling snacks for your party that look gross but taste delicious. One creative trick she introduces you to is turning a hot dog into a chopped finger with blood (ketchup). The only treat that doesn't look gross is the doughnut with the vampire teeth and chocolate chips for eyes. The beverages though look pretty sweet (literally) mixing sprite with grenadine as well as the poly juice potion. Another gross yet tasty treat would be the ear wax treats which is marshmallows and peanut butter. Saving the best for last, the kitty litter cake which you know sounds gross but sure is delicious.

Hopefully these 10 Halloween treats are a hit at your up coming Halloween bash!

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