Saturday, October 16th is National Bosses Day, and I wanted to pay tribute to my boss Buzz Adams.

It's weird, I've been friends with Buzz for so long that he's never had really any direct supervisory role over me. A lot of the times I'm supervising him, at home. But now that I am full-time on the Buzz Adams Morning Show, I answer to him like millions of people answer to their bosses everyday.

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Buzz has done so much for me, not just professionally but personally as well, as in 'he's put a roof over my head.'  I look up to him like an older brother, sometimes a father, and every once and a while like a son, when he's asking me for advice or crawling on the floor from dog tranquillizers. I truly do appreciate him, and for all the fun and laughter you may hear every day on the Buzz Adams Morning Show, there's twice at much at the home where we get to joke all the time. So, in honor of my best friend and now my BOSS I give to you dear readers, a photo tribute of all the things I appreciate about my boss, Buzz Adams.









As you can tell I've spent a lot of time with this man, and I have really come to know the generosity of his heart, the playfulness of his spirit, and the persistent crumbs that never seem to leave his beard.  Now that Buzz Adams is my actual BOSS, we're in for a wild ride into new territory El Paso, buckle up.

Conveniently this holiday happens to land on a Saturday... When you can't normally see your boss... hmm.

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