This guys list of reasons not to live in El Paso is, basically, one of the best pro-El Paso lists ever.

He doesn't seem to genuinely want to slam El Paso but, his "bad' things are actually really good things if you think about it...

  • 10 We're a kid/family friendly town. There are kids everywhere and it's actually nice to have things families can do together. If you don't like kids then, avoid Peter Piper Pizza and playgrounds like a kid-hater anywhere else would.
  • 9 It's dry. Umm ... we're in the freakin' desert. It's also not humid, outdoor activities can be scheduled for pretty much any day and you don't have to worry (much) about sliding off a slick highway in zero visibility.
  • 8 Our desert view. If you want oceans, lakes, forests or swamps; move to where they have those things. The desert, like those other places, has it's own unique and wonderful beauty.
  • 7 We're a border town. Really? I'm not a fan of sushi so, guess what?  I stay out of sushi restaurants. If you don't like what's on the other side of the Border, don't cross it. This is about our house, not the neighbors.
  • 6 The weather. Mild winters and hot summers are bad? To me, that means excellent conditions, year-round, for pretty much anything you want to do. Inside or outside.  (Though, he's right about sunscreen!)
  • 5 Cheap housing.  This is a problem?  If you want to pay a zillion dollars for a house, try the Upper Valley. Otherwise, enjoy the fact that ... relatively speaking ... you get a lot for a little here.
  • 4 Flooding. Yes, being in a dry area, monsoon season overrides our flood control measures. I'll give him that but, you can also practically set your watch by our floods so, there's PLENTY of prep time.
  • 3 Employment. As far as I know, we're not much better or worse in this area than most of the rest of the country. His info is dated and I'm too lazy to go look up current data so, we'll move on.
  • 2 Far from big cities. This is, to me, another selling point!  We have wide open spaces, little crowding in neighboring cities and beautiful drives back and forth.  He's got a point with medical care but, that's gotten WAY better since his video was made and our options keep growing.
  • 1 We're a military town. This provides a huge boost to the local economy and brings a large group trained ... and expected ... to be polite, take care of business and look out for others. They also bring different lifestyles, traditions and ethnicities along with experiences and lessons to teach. (Not to mention that whole "defending our rights and freedoms" thing...) This is a negative??

I think his list of "bad" things, would be the "best" things about most other cities! You?

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