My son's school, Our Lady of Assumption, is closing at the end of this school year.  We were called to a meeting at Father Naughton Gym where Father Pacheco, the principal, Bishop Sietz, Superintendent Sister Elizabeth Swartz and the lady from accounting offices for the Catholic schools. We were advised that due to financial problems this would be the last year that the school would remain open. This not only made me very sad but affected other parents as well as the school staff. This was his first year and has made a dramatic improvement over the last year when he attended a public school. The best part about Our Lady of Assumption was the attention that was given to the students to help on their academic needs. It's always been a neighborly school as many of the students live close by. I understand the reasoning of the Diocese decision to close the school, I am not at all happy about it but I understand. The financial problems were so great that as we were told, they could open again next August but what good would it do if they had to close in November. Several of the Diocese schools have offered to take the children in at the same tuition for at least one year. The Diocese wants the best for the children as we do and I am confident that everything that could have been done was done and all that was left was to help the children transition to other schools.

The school opened in 1957 and will close after 60 years, 60 years of many memories for many , my child was just beginning his memories there.