As previously reported, El Paso’s Michael Myers was on the hunt….. For a job in El Paso.

Stephen Flores is the photographer behind the El Paso Michael Myers photo series.

He had seen similar photoshoots of Michael Myers done before, but he wanted to put an El Paso twist to his series and feature iconic El Paso landmarks.

"So we went around to different landmarks in el paso and you know we shot him at Chico’s Tacos, scenic drive, any place that was major or that's iconic to el paso,” said Stephen.


His photos quickly became a hit on social media with many people wondering what was next for El Paso’s Michael Myers.

“This year we decided that he loved El Paso so much that we decided to find him a job,” said Stephen.

Yup, that’s right. Even masked killers need a job. Stephen along with Michael Myers have been heading out to local businesses and snapping photos of Michael in action.


For Stephen, doing this photoshoot series is a way for him to help support small businesses and a way for him to help bring traffic to those businesses as well.

Michael Myers has applied at various El Paso businesses including movie The Alamo DraftHouse, local bars, petting zoos and he even tried taking over my job at the radio station.

Michael got an interview, then he tried his hand at being an on-air DJ for KISS, KLAQ and even ESPN radio.

Michael isn’t much of a talker so his attempt at getting a job at Townsquare Media wasn’t much of a success so I took him over to the KVIA studios to let him try a career in TV news and weather.

Safe to say, you probably won’t see Michael bringing you the news anytime soon, but if you do see him out and about, feel free to snap a photo of him because El Paso’s Michael Myers is a friendly one.

“Since we kind of do it light hearted and funny and not scary with blood or weapons or anything like that it’s been a lot more welcoming from the city and people don’t get scared of him,” said Stephen.

Stay tuned to see what’s next for El Paso’s Michael Myers by following Stephen’s Instagram page by clicking here.

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