Formed by front woman Maria Brink & lead guitarist Chris Howorth, In This Moment have become one of the biggest metal bands of the 21st century. With Grammy nominations, gold & platinum records & a legion of fans, they have proven they are here to stay. El Paso certainly have seen the power of In This Moment before & I'm happy to report that in a recent interview, they expressed just how much they loved performing here.

When has In This Moment performed in El Paso?

Since 2008 to 2017, In This Moment have rocked El Paso a total of 4 times; at Club 101 on November 16th, 2008.

Speaking Rock Entertainment Center on October 19th, 2012. I would know because I went to the show & met Maria, Chris & rhythm guitarist Randy Weitzel. (apologies for the quality)

Daniel Paulus
Daniel Paulus
Daniel Paulus
Daniel Paulus

They would perform at Speaking Rock again on June 15, 2016

And their last performance was during the 2017 KLAQ Downtown Streetfest; which even though it was at night, it was HOT.

I sat down & interviewed Maria Brink & Chris Howorth; right off the bat they were telling us how much they missed playing in El Paso. One of the big things they mentioned was the heat. It was very difficult for them to play without sweating up a storm.

But they also said how fun & unique it was to play in the middle of Downtown El Paso; and no matter if it was rain or shine, they both agreed that El Paso fans will make sure that energy stayed throughout the entire night.

We also talked about the new album, Godmode dropping October 27th, some of the songs featured on the new record, Chris's "nerd shrine" & a which artist Maria Brink is DYING to collab with. Turns's none other than Trent Rezor of Nine Inch Nails.

Maria & Chris also said that they really want to come back to El Paso in the future. Well when they do, you'll definitely know right here on the Q.

Huge thank you to Maria & Chris; we really hope to see you again in El Paso. We'll be ready for your return!

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