Despite what you may see in this video or what scurrilous accusations you hear from Lisa and Joanna, be assured of one thing: I did not knowingly order “jeggings”.

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as jeggings until the girls accused me of buying a pair! Jeggings are a combination of “jeans” plus “leggings”. What I ordered, according to my receipt from are “ Men’s Casual Autumn Denim Hip-Hop Loose Long Trousers Stretch Jeans Pants”. You see? They’ve got about 2 dozen descriptive terms in there and “jeggings” is not one of them! I DIDN’T buy jeggings! I guess I DID buy “hip hop” pants, though so I’m still working to reconcile that in my mind.

They’re just regular jeans. But a little stretchier. You’ll see me try them on in the video!

Also, in today’s ZBay I guess I must’ve ordered some sweet, sick mirrored sun-glasses and an awesome light that you wear on your hand if you’re doing work in some dark nook or crannie and you need to see what you’re doing. It’s like turning you hand into a flashlight. It’s NOT, despite what Lisa says, an “EDM rave toy”. It’s a many thing that manly men use when doing manly work, dammit!

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