In this day and age, we have to be super careful about personal security and internet scams. Here's an example...

Our companies IT department was hacked a while back and we were all given new instructions on how to handle ourselves online. We even had to take a test afterwards which I aced. Apparently, I didn't actually retain any of that knowledge though.

I'm very careful about identity protection, personal protection, and, online protection.  I kinda pride myself on it, to be honest. I'm super skeptical, always thinking; "do I know this person, why is the grammar so horrible, why are middle eastern girls suddenly so interested in meeting me, doesn't the IRS already have my bank info, did a heretofore unknown uncle really once rule Zamunda and leave me $7 zillion dollars in his will" ... etc, etc. You know how it is.

I delete emails and/or direct them to corporate IT's attention all the time. However, my innate skepticism and my Townsquare training have all been in vain apparently, as I fell for a trick today. Fortunately, it only became a nice remember that no one is perfect and no one is safe. Amazon sent me a typical notice about a purchase. I was expecting a confirmation email from them anyway since my daughter's birthday present arrived from Amazon today. This email was regarding a freakin' $300 item that I had not ordered.

As you can see by the screenshots in the gallery above, the email was a trap. Purposely set by Amazon to remind me ... and all their other customers, I imagine ... to be careful online. Thank you, Amazon, for the reminder and for giving a damn about your customers. If I could reach your Jeff Bezos, I'd tell him that myself.

Now, you will remove that charge, right?

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