Buzz recently found out about a new shopping website and, with the help of Lunesta, ordered a whole bunch of ridiculous crap. This is an ongoing phenomenon: Buzz takes a prescription sleep pill, orders junk on the internet and then has NO IDEA what he ordered until it arrives in the mail. This disturbing pattern of behavior has become so regular we even have a jingle and intro package (which you can see in the video below).

And now, here’s Buzz with a few words about his favorite shopping sites.


This is my go-to. Like Amazon they have new items but, unlike Amazon, they also have users that are selling antiques and raraties. You’ll have a much easier time finding a Standard Model D Cylinder Motor for a 1906 Edison phonograph on EBAY than you will on Amazon, TRUST me.


I know Amazon is the world champ when it comes to on-line money-wasting but, for the reasons above, I still prefer EBAY. Also, the images on Amazon are smaller and harder to see details. (NOTE TO SELF: try to find +4.00 reading glasses on EBAY after this).


Etsy really has some interesting crafts that people make either out of their homes or their small factory operations. So, if you’re looking for a costume…say, you want to go as Captain America…you’re going to find the same, basic Halloween store costumes on Amazon and EBAY. On Etsy, though, you’ll find much more unique, hand-crafted costumes that might be accurate down to the tiniest stitch. Of course, you’ll pay through the nose for it but if there are 3 Captain America’s at a party, you’ll probably be the best looking one.


This is one I just learned about a few weeks ago (they market hard on social media). WISH has a smaller selection than either EBAY or Amazon but what sets them apart is their extreme, extreme low prices. How low? Some of the stuff is actually free and you just pay for shipping.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far about WISH: they f*** up your order way more than EBAY or Amazon. It takes way longer…weeks and weeks…for delivery since most of the stuff is coming from China. And, the stuff is always of much less quality than it looks in the picture. The actual product will be flimsier, lighter or whatever than it appears on the site. Also, they can never get a size right. Since they’re in China, if you need a large, you’d better order a double XL. And if you need an XXL? You better order a tarp.

But, as crappy as most of the products are, they ARE very, very, almost unbelievably cheap.

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