If you use Walmart home delivery in North Texas, you may see a delivery drone drop off the goods. Could El Paso be next? I hope so ...

Walmart + members are entitled to free home delivery service and Walmart is starting to use drones to do it. The drones are, for now, somewhat limited in what they can carry and the delivery area is confined to within a few miles of the store(s).

Drone delivery isn't a new idea and this isn't the first time Walmart and Wing have tried it.  They started in Frisco and Little Elm in 2022, then Lewisville in 2023. Drones can offer delivery in as little as 30 minutes so, I hope El Paso is next.

How Is Walmart Home Grocery Delivery?

I started a Walmart + trial membership recently and so far, so good. You log on, "shop", pay and order. Pretty easy. Then you get text messages keeping you updated on when they're shopping, when they're driving and when they're dropping off.

My first delivery had one item that was leaking. (The cap was loose.) I pointed it out by text and was almost instantly refunded my money. The second delivery was perfect-uh-mundo except for one item they didn't have.

A text told me about the missing item and said it would be shipped from the warehouse. It showed up a few days later and, honestly, it would have been cheaper for them to just substitute the item, refund me or even have a driver deliver again once it was in stock.

Just sayin' ... I didn't pay shipping so, whatever. Bottom line, the delivery service thing works and anything that keeps me out of Walmart and away from self-checkout, I am ALL for.

So far, Dubba G gives it 'dubba thumbs up.

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