The 2nd week of January has been especially busy when it comes to shopping deliveries for Buzz Adams. He was on vacation for two weeks and we believe that with all the extra time on his hands he just went a little nuts with his on-line shopping.

There’s a theme song intro to the following video that will explain what’s going on for those of you unfamiliar with Buzz’s ZBay.

Below the video, Buzz has a few notes and a link to the one product that we think many people are going to want to know more about: Offensive Crayons.

Buzz’s Post-Video Comments:

I mention in the video that I added an app called “Tophatter” to the shopping sites I check out. Tophatter is different from Ebay, Amazon and Etsy in that there’s a very short time-span for each item. You’ve only got a minute or two to win the item before the bidding closes. Tophatter has been 100% on delivering what I’ve purchased but I will say that most of the items are a letdown. They always look GREAT in the photos. When they arrive they are either smaller or flimsier than what the picture makes them look like. For instance, that pillow case I got? Everything about it made it look like you were getting an actual pillow. True, there is some wording that indicates that it’s just a slip cover, not an actual pillow. But you have to click on “description” and read down several lines. Many of the products are…just a little disappointing.

On the other hand, some of the stuff is of better quality. The 1 F**K coin in the video also came from Tophatter. It was actually bigger, shinier and heavier than I expected. And, I won that bid for a dollar.

I think some people are going to be interested in the “Offensive Crayons”. If you are, I’m including a link to their website.

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