If you've been to the Sunland Park Mall recently, it looks vastly different than it did 6 months ago, one year ago, and especially a couple years ago. We saw malls take a big hit because of online shopping, and then it COVID really did a number on them. However, maybe, just maybe, we're starting to see a resurgence because of COVID-19.

Did being locked in out houses cause a longing to get out of the house and go places we hadn't been going to pre-pandemic? You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone, I guess. In the hopes the we're going to see a resurgence in people shopping in malls, Sunland Park Mall is welcoming 5 new stores and 7 new restaurants.

Some of the new restaurants are:

  • Electrify-ed satisfies everybody’s craving for French fries with unique toppings like buffalo chicken, carne asada and shrimp;
  • Hot Joe's Meal Prep brings healthy options to the food court, as they have perfectly-balanced meals to help you maintain your healthy habits;
  • Donut House Bakery will offer the sweetest pan dulce and donuts to accompany your morning coffee, afternoon break, and even your late-night tea;
  • 3 Dragons Chinese Food will offer traditional Chinese food;
  • I Heart Sugar offers bacon-flavored sodas, pickle-flavored cotton candy and many other candy and flavor combinations.

And the new stores include:

  • Brillen.com is a European-based optical store, offering prescription eyewear customers its unique combination of excellent prices, latest technology and expert optical attention;
  • Ambrozia’s Beauty will bring a variety of teen apparel, beauty products, accessories, purses and much more;
  • The Makers Collaborative specializes in high-quality, organic fabric made in the USA, and honors fair trade buying practices, and supports small, independent designers. The also offer a variety of sewing classes;
  • Simple Mobile offers Verizon-backed cellular products, services and accessories;
  • Alayjah Glamm Boutique offering modern and stylish apparel and jewelry.

Can we get a Gamestop back? Shopping online is great and all, but I like going to the store so I can buy a game on impulse I'll play for a few days and then put back on the shelf for months. But seriously, one of the best parts of going to a Gamestop was not only getting the game you wanted, but checking out the discount bin for some strange game that would be a blast to play simply because it was so cheap.

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