BabyMetal is a Japanese Icon Pop/ Metal group that is taking over the world! Top of the iTunes charts, millions of views on Youtube and sold out concerts are just some of the young girl's accomplishments. But the best part of BabyMetal is when people see them for the first time. 


BabyMetal's album has been selling like hotcakes online and their shows are selling out all over the world. I tell all of my friends about this band and make them sit next to me while they watch their videos for the first time. The reactions are just priceless. So now, Youtube has realized the gold they have on their hands and they are having Youtube stars watch them for their first times. I still can't figure out who had the best reaction out of them all.

The guys from Smosh immediately knew who it was and were excited to be checking out some BabyMetal, while Blair Fowler (JuicyFlower07) looked like she wasn't exacty sure what was playing on the screen. Trisha Hershberger from SourceFeed threw up the devil horns and said she could definitely get on board with this. My two favorite out of everyone had to be Tyler Oakley, who just gave a WTF face, and Mitch and Scott from Pentatonix who fell in love with the tiny pop/metal stars.

Check out their hilarious reactions and some awesome tidbit info about BabyMetal during the video! I still think it is one of my favorite new CDs I have bought all year.

And here is my new favorite song by BABYMETAL, thanks to me finding it through this Youtube reaction video. LONG LIVE BABYMETAL!!!!