That saying what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas doesn't necessarily always stay! I used to believe in that until I put my friend on blast. I will keep her identity hidden just to spare her any backlash. Well, some girlfriends and I didn't exactly let loose in Vegas, we got wild in Phoenix, Arizona! When you're young there is no filter or shame when it comes to your words and actions. We had gone for a quick getaway to visit some dude friends and party our a**es off! We did some crazy things (pictured above) in the 480 area code. These actions were based on our alcohol intake which I will say we drank responsibly. By responsibly I mean we drank at Rudy's pad and continued our crazy shenanigans. Part of those crazy things we did involve me throwing my friend in the trash can and rolling her around! So that saying about a new area code, new me is totally true!

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