When you go out of town you always plan to visit the places you don't have in your hometown. For example, that is usually what you see on your newsfeed when family or friends leave El Paso. When anyone leaves El Paso it's their chance to eat, drink, or see what we normally can't in El Paso.

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There is a friend of mine that always shares his adventure when he eats at In-N-Out Burger. I have also stumbled across posts from friends who are visiting The Cheesecake Factory. There are some people in El Paso that wish El Paso could get a Cheesecake Factory and In-N-Out built.

Unfortunately, since that hasn't happened we must remain traveling to those delicious destinations. On Sunday, October 3, I got to leave town for a concert in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My friend Chris who is a long-time concert buddy of mine was down for some places I wanted to visit in Albuquerque.

The main reason for our trip to Albuquerque was for the 311, Iration, and Iya Terra concert at Isleta Amphitheater. But we were also down to check out some places that aren't in El Paso.

I don't know about you but I have been hoping for El Paso to get a Panera Bread restaurant in El Paso. After seeing Panera Bread's commercials, I have been craving it for quite some time. I finally had my taste of the restaurant and it was the bomb dot com.

A couple of other places I wanted to see in Albuquerque were a local coffee shop and a brewery. After grubbing out at Panera Bread we wanted to make a pit stop at Walgreens for some drinks.

It was after our meal we stumbled across a brewery which is also in Las Cruces. Bosque Brewing was our quick stop for a tasty drink before drink shopping. Unfortunately, I didn't wake up in time to see the hot air balloons but Chris did. We saved our visit to Humble Coffee for the morning before our departure.

You can check out our photos from our Albuquerque trip by scrolling below. When you jet out of El Paso what type of places do you prefer to visit? Share your answer in the poll featured below.

V's Albuquerque Trip

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