There are a lot of people who love leaving their trademark, especially if it's a stamp of their face! Someone who would definitely pay to have a stamp of their face would be Steve-O.

Insider introduces the Stamplifier, that turns your favorite Kodak moment, selfie, or the mugshot of your pet into a stamp. You will get an inside look how the engraving works and how it all got started. Cody and Lee are the creators of Stamplifier and got together after Cody bought a laser cutter. The first thing Lee lasered was a piece of toast before anything else. The stamps are pretty legit when you compare the stamp to the images they re-created. If you or someone you know would be interested in this product order through Etsy. This stamp would definitely make a good gag gift for a relative or friend!

Would you want a stamp with your face on it? Take the poll below.

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