Several Alamo Draft House locations in Texas have closed but don't worry, you can still enjoy good food, adult beverages, and quiet at El Paso locations.

Alamo Draft House has 2 locations in El Paso, (east and west), and thankfully, neither one is on the hit list as far as the closures go. The ones that closed are all in North Texas.

I pointed that out in a recent article but some people misunderstood so, rest easy ... our Alamo's aren't going anywhere.

You can still enjoy the benefits of watching movies, both new releases and classic films, as well as events like Kids Camp at both of El Chuco's Alamo Draft House locations.

The upscale food available to munch on during your favorite movie and the full bar make it more like watching at home. While their strictly enforced, no BS rules about loud talking, using the phone, small children, etc, ensure a nice movie-watching experience.

I love the place and, as I wrote in the other article, credit them with getting me back into going to the movies. I had given up on theaters completely but Alamo brought me back. The fact that you can get more than just candy and popcorn there was a major plus.

In addition to enjoying the food and drinks, you can also behave like the characters do. Get in on the action yourself and knock back a shot with Karen Allen in Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

Remember the "Royale with cheese" John Travolta talks about in Pulp Fiction? You can actually order one at Alamo Draft House. (Bonus: the Alamo Draft House version is way more gourmet than the burger in the movie.)

Careful, NSFW language.

Of course, Alamo does offer staples like popcorn and candy too. This totally allows you to make a game of it and pop a chocolate every time Forest Gump mentions the stuff.

Bottom line, Alamo Draft House makes movies better and, thankfully, El Paso is in no danger of losing either of ours.

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