We know there have been movies shot in El Paso, Texas before but this week there seems to be some extra buzz around the Downtown El Paso area. After people saw a film truck in town, people have been wondering who's shooting a movie in El Paso.

We know it's a Warner Brothers production being filmed in El Paso

After a video went viral on FitFam showing a Warner Brothers production truck parked in Downtown, that's where the rumors & talks starting on who's shooting their next movie here. But we do know at least ONE person: Leonardo DiCpario as he will be starring in the newest film by director, Paul Thomas Anderson. Paul's currently working on a new a sci-fi film that's set for an August 2025 release.

But that's not the only name being thrown out; on Facebook in particular, various people has stated that names like Sean Penn & Brad Pitt are also involved in the shooting of this movie. The latter in particular as one person said they spotted him across one of the hotels being chased by females (which doesn't sound out of the ordinary).

Actually we KNOW Brad Pitt IS in El Paso, they've been seen filming Downtown & even eating at a few local restaurants too.

It's not surprising seeing these celebs in El Paso; Sean has done some filming near El Paso in Alamogordo for his movie This Must Be the Place while Brad actually DID include El Paso for his film, The Counselor.

If you want to read about more movies shot in El Paso, you can find 10 classic ones here.

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