If local amateur detectives got it right, El Paso is about to be inundated with multiple A-List Hollywood celebrities. Names like DiCaprio, Pitt, and Del Toro are getting mentioned.

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Let’s start at the beginning of this tale of intrigue.

CLUE ONE-The Truck

A Warner Brothers heavy-duty truck has been seen conspicuously driving around El Paso for several days.  There’s been lots of speculation but nothing definitive. Until…

CLUE TWO-The Set Decorators

The folks who work at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in northeast El Paso report that they received a visit from a man and woman in the WB truck. They told the manager of the store, Nancy Gomez, that they were set decorators in town to work on a movie. Then, they bought a number of items like “ceiling fans, a glass trophy cabinet, and a vintage stove”.

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CLUE THREE-The Business Card

The couple in the WB truck returned to the store to make more purchases.  On one visit they bought items that they asked the store to hold for a few days. The man gave Nancy a business card with his name, Sam Tell, embossed on it.


It turns out that Samuel J. Tell is a well-known Hollywood set director. His IMDB page is extensive and impressive. His film credits include Westworld, Star Trek Beyond, and several films in the Marvel cinematic universe.

The business card also had the name “BC Project” on it.

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According to (again) IMBD the BC Project is also known for now as “Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Event Film”.  The cast list includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Penn, and Benicio Del Toro, and Regina Hall.

The IMDB page also gives other hints. There are still photos that seem to be in a desert setting, not dissimilar to El Paso’s terrain.  The keywords include Crime, Drama, and Thriller.

The roles of the leads aren’t given. However, some of the smaller parts ARE named. A lot of Immigrant boys, Immigrant Girls, and Immigrant number four. It’s not unreasonable to speculate that this could be a movie set on the US-Mexico border. The plot thickens.

CLUE SIX-A Leo Sighting

Along with Benicio Del Toro, the video shows Leonardo filming in downtown El Paso. Of course, it was FitFam who got the video.

Also, there have been numerous reports that DiCaprio and others have been spotted eating at some of El Paso’s swankier spots including Café Central and Lamezze.

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