Looks like the woman in Texas who got banned from Walmart is still making an impact on wine drinkers! It now seems like the joke that won't stop even after weeks have passed. A Texas woman was banned from Walmart after she was seen riding an electric scooter in the parking lot while drinking wine from a Pringles can. The story went viral, with people around the world enjoying the woman's spirit and the fact that she wasn't arrested. A bar in Houston started selling wine in Pringles cans during Happy Hour and a movement was born. Now, you too can join in the Pringles wine movement by getting your very own Pringles can wine tumbler, according to the Daily Mail.

Mississippi designer Celeste Powers decided to create her own wine tumblers that resemble Pringles can. She now sells her creations on her Etsy page, where she described her creation:

"Slim 20 oz tumbler, Customized with the Pringles logo and Custom nutrition label. Great for your friends or moms that endure long trips in Walmart and need to drink wine from a Pringles can. Great for ladies hands!"

The tumblers sell for between $29.99 and $35, but right now the items have already sold out. You can contact the seller though to have her make more for you! If you do, get me one too.

Etsy Store TheCupArtistEtsy
Etsy Store TheCupArtistEtsy

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